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BlackBerry Center

Digicel - Your Complete Telecommunications Provider

The evolution of wireless technology combined with the market demand for telecommunications has allowed Digicel the opportunity to expand its core business from that of a mobile operator to a complete telecommunications provider. This has been made possible with the inclusion of products such as GPRS, WiMAX & BlackBerry Services.

Advanced Wireless Connections: BlackBerry

The BlackBerry solution delivers matchless two-way, wireless communication in a solution that pairs the device, desktop software and server with the Digicel Network. Use Barbados’ most dependable network to arm your employees with cutting-edge connectivity that will change the way you think about customer service.

When you need to keep in touch with your email while on the go, yet need the option to return a phone call, or quickly send a text message or even look up information on the internet, the Digicel BlackBerry Solution is the right choice for you.

The BlackBerry Solution is an advanced data communications technology that uses the patented Blackberry “push” software to automatically send email to your BlackBerry handheld device, so you are always connected to your email.

Emails are automatically sent to the device, so you don’t have to worry about synchronizing. Your BlackBerry receives email and appointments as long as you are within the Digicel Network coverage.